The magic touch!

Earlier today, I was riding back home and had stopped at a traffic signal. The lights had just turned red and many motorcycles were slowing down to a stop.

Two vehicles to my left stopped almost simultaneously, next to each other. The guy on the right was riding a royal enfield bullet and put his left leg down to balance the huge machine. In doing so, his leg invariable touched the pillion of the other bike.

His immediately reaction was to apologise and touched his leg and then his eyes (a tradition followed in India as respect/blessing from elders). The person who was riding pillion also reciprocated with a namaskar and a tap on the back.

The reaction from both were instantaneous  and without hesitation. Wondering why I am talking about this? Well, the fact that the second guy was a muslim and the first a hindu had absolutely no bearing on their actions.

The guy on bullet did not hesitate in touching the elderly man’s leg nor did the elderly think twice before blessing him.

Standing beside them, the only thought that occurred to me was; why can’t our entire country think on the same lines? After all, aren’t we all Indians in the first place?